The Nerd Chambers is About to Level Up

In our continued effort to bring more content to you, we at The Nerd Chambers will be meeting tomorrow afternoon to discuss the future. This discussion will also include a few new people we are going to be adding to the team. By expanding the team, we are expecting to get more articles out each day and report as much news as we can for you.

In addition to getting more news content to you guys, with a bigger team we are going to be able to expand our social media presence as well. We have continued to stay active on Twitter (@TheNerdChambers if you didn’t already know), but we will now look to have a presence on Facebook and Instagram as we hope to extend our content to a larger audience. In addition to that, we are going to start doing more streaming on Twitch as well. Some of us play competitive Overwatch together so you can expect a good bit of that but we will also be streaming playthroughs of the biggest releases.

Some other things to look forward to are, new logos and artwork, coverage of esports events (including live tweets and wrap up articles), and we will even be actively looking for ways to upgrade the site and make it more user friendly. The last, and most important, thing is that in the coming weeks we will start The Nerd Chambers Podcast once again. This was how The Nerd Chambers got it’s start so we are excited to bring back the podcast and we will be sure to add more production value, to make it bigger and better.

Everyone here at The Nerd Chambers is excited about our future as we continue to build, and provide a great source of gaming and entertainment news. Be on the lookout for when we get Facebook and Instagram pages live. Also you can listen to old The Nerd Chambers Podcasts to see what you are in store for when we bring it back on our Soundcloud.

Let us know what you guys think of the coming upgrades to The Nerd Chambers and what else you would like to see from us by tweeting at us.


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