Our 24th Overwatch Hero – Theory

Over the course of the past couple weeks, Overwatch has released pictures teasing a potential new hero. Last week, Overwatch released an interview with “Inventor Efi Oladele” via Twitter. Before the interview, it was stated that she is an eleven year old genius with a knack for robotics and artificial intelligence. ‘Atlas News’, the fictional news outlet set in the world of Overwatch, interviewed Efi, asking how she got into robotics. The quote that stood out the most by Efi was “…my dream is to build something that can keep us safe, like the new OR15s! I think that would be great.” You can read the rest of the interview here.

The reason that quote stood out though was because last Friday (Feb. 24), Overwatch released another picture via Twitter, showing us from the lenses of ‘Atlas News’ an “unknown attack in Numbani” where we see numerous robots destroyed. These robots are the OR15 models that Efi was talking about. In the center of the picture, we see that one of these models got smashed into the wall with high impact. An eleven year old can’t do that, plus she has said that her “dream us to build something that can keep us safe.” Before Efi was introduced to the players of Overwatch though, everyone was predicting the impeding return of ‘Doomfist,’ an antagonist in the world. Many people thought that Doomfist was responsible for this attack. Which brings up the most recent Twitter post by Overwatch.

This is a picture posted by our very own Efi Oladele of a list of things she needs to get. It’s good to see that Lucio has his own brand of cereal going for him, but more importantly it seems that Efi needs objects to create something big.

I have two theories, both revolving around the idea of Doomfist.

First Theory: Efi Oladele sought to create something better than the OR15 models. She created a towering robotic a.i. with such force and magnitude that could be the final answer to stopping crime. With the combination of Human and Omnic in one body, especially in the city of Numbani, that proudly boasts about their union, it makes sense that this is where it all goes wrong. Her creation ‘Doomfist’, something an eleven year old would name, goes haywire and starts to wreak havok.

Second Theory: Doomfist, a name that is known throughout the world, attacks Numbani. To help defend her people, and the world, Efi Oladele seeks to gather objects to create something big to fight against Doomfist. She asks the Overwatch Agents for help to gather these objects, and they do.

Whichever it is, I’m certain that the objects Efi needs or used to create, are all being carried on the payload maps we already play on. She needs a “Branford arm”, that could be the official name of ‘Doomfist’s gauntlet’. She needs a fusion driver and a reactor, both objects are on payloads.

Whatever the case may be though, I’m super excited to find out who our 24th hero could be!


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