Meet Orisa, the New Overwatch Hero

It was just announced earlier today that Orisa will be your next Overwatch Hero and is now available on PC in the PTR. This is a surprise as Blizzard had cautioned, as the character is loosely connected to Doomfist and Efi, the two characters that were apart of teases for Orisa.

Orisa is going to be the newest tank to join the Overwatch lineup. Her weapon of choice is called the fusion driver. It is described in the Developer Update as a “projectile-based machine gun.” They also explained that her weapon will have the best range of any primary weapon for a tank (they stated that Zarya’s alternate fire can go equally as far) and that it has good rate of fire as well. Her alternate fire seems even scarier than the basic fire. It is described as a mini graviton surge (Zarya’s ultimate), where Orisa shoots out a pulse, and then upon clicking the alternate fire button again, she pulls any targets in range of it into the center for a short period of time.

Her first ability is called Fortify, which essentially counters any crowd control affects when active. The example given in the video is Pharah’s concussive blast. Normally, it would push people away but Orisa would be able to keep on trucking through without a care in the world. It was also stated that the damage she takes gets reduced but no specific percentage was given. Her next ability is called Protective Barrier. This puts a rounded barrier, about half the size of Winstons bubble, anywhere Orisa chooses. It can be used to shield allies or herself based on where the user places it. It still operates like other shields in the game, meaning certain things can still penetrate the shield, and it will break if dealt too much damage. Finally we have her ultimate which is called Supercharger. Orisa carries the Supercharger on her back and when her she uses her ultimate, she drops the Supercharger onto the ground and any ally within the line of sight of it gets a damage boost. The developers do warn that the enemy team can destroy the Supercharger and encourage the use of the protective barrier on the Supercharger.

From the sound of all of this, Orisa is going to be an outstanding addition to the Overwatch lineup. She can effectively control the enemy team’s positioning with her alternate fire, while also cancelling out any crowd control on herself with Fortify. Her abilities make it seem like she would be perfectly partnered with a Winston as a part of a dive composition in certain scenarios, or paired with a good Reinhardt on payload maps.

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