Nintendo Switch Sales Take Lift Off…

The Nintendo Switch finally appeared on shelves on March 3rd! Well very briefly the shelves, and rapidly to the entertainment centers of hundreds of thousands of Nintendo fans! In the United Kingdom the sales of the switch doubled the Wii U sales for the first weekend (80,000:Switch/40,000:Wii U) to put those numbers in perspective, the ps4 sold around 250,000, and the Xbox one close to 150,000 units.Even though the Nintendo Switch sales were very impressive, this is not the largest explosion for Nintendo and their releases in the UK. The 3DS still holds the best weekend for Nintendo at 113,000 units for United Kingdom

In Japan the first 48 hours are booming with 313,000 units flying off the market, just beating out the Wii U in Japan at 308,000 units! Japan held much closer with ps4 and Nintendo . This is the closest the switch got to the next gen consoles for the PS4 had 322,000 sales the first weekend with the Nintendo Switch getting so close at 313,000. Sadly Nintendo will probably not see the incredible success of Sony and Microsoft numbers any time soon other than Japan.

The last impressive detail for Nintendo, The Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the  Wild beats out Super Mario 64 in opening weekend sales! The new game for the large Zelda collection sold around 190,000 copies for launch. Now The Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild holds the best standalone launch title for Nintendo.

-ShadowGhoul (Brandon)


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