MLB The Show: The Next Great… RPG?

Road to the Show in the MLB The Show franchise has been one of the most impressive and fun game modes in a sports game. What is great to see is that this years iteration of MLB The Show (which hits shelves in just 2 weeks) is all about adding depth to each of the game modes and Road to the Show is no different.

Sony San Diego took to the Playstation Blog to explain some of the upgrades to the Show’s best game mode.They are completely revamping the character creation system, they added 22 new facial hair styles, 35 new hair styles, and 49 new head shapes. A nice new feature is that there are going to be periods in the season where you can earn double the training points. This is a great way to keep players engaged and make it feel like less of a grind for players to push for the majors. The perk and equipment systems both make a return to The Show this year but another cool addition this year is that players will get to hire an agent to help them along the way.

The biggest change to the game is the new interactions players will have throughout their careers. The interactions will be narrated in a documentary style and players will have moments with different coaches, managers and representatives that will take you careers in different directions both on the field and off the field. Players will be given dialogue options while interacting with different players and the interactions effect not only your team, but the public’s perception of you.

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