Your Own Film Creation In Fortnite?!?!

Epic games just keeps shocking us with what they are doing next! As reported from Steve Watts of Gamespot “Epic is holding a contest for aspiring filmmakers to cut together their own masterpiece, with some notoriety and virtual bucks on the line.” What?!?!? That is absolutely incredible that they are offering YOU a chance to get your own work into the game! According to the report, the winner of the contest will have their video shown in Risky Reels during Battle Royale matches… This would definitely be an amazing way to end the current season.

I’m sure there will be many incredible films that people come up with considering the fact that we have seen some amazing videos people have created that are live action Fortnite videos. Probably the most iconic YouTuber to mess around with this idea was Nigahiga with an absolutely amazing recreation of what it is like to play Fortnite with your friends. I’m sure with the announcement we will see a bunch of other content creators do for the contest!

Keep your eyes peeled for some incredible short films for this contest. Hopefully this follow up article will allow any of you aspiring filmmakers a chance to get your foot in the door, and what better place than the biggest game in the world.

-Brandon Maj


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