Movie Review: Incredibles 2 (Spoilers)


Incredibles 1 set up for a second film to be inserted in the franchise perfectly with a huge cliffhanger. At the end of one, people were introduced who was supposed to be the next films enemy (The Underminer). The Underminer appeared in several things after Incredibles 1 including a full video game The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer and a couple of comic book story ark series. This indicated that the Underminer would be scheduled as the main villain in the second film. people were so pleased. So everyone was super pumped to see how this cliffhanger would play out. Finally, 14 years later, we get a film to fix our incredible needs. But we ended up just finding out that our initial villain, the Underminer, escapes right in the beginning. Obviously the villain was going to escape or else there would not have been a plot within the film. But there is the catch… Our heroes, The Incredible Family, seems to be perfectly ok with the fact that the Underminer has escaped. Actually, they never even refer to the Underminer again. Oh, he escaped so I guess we just have to move on. I personally have never seen any hero react in such a way when a villain escapes. Later on in the film, Mrs. Incredible becomes upset that the ScreenSlaver is still out there and that she did not catch her. That shows the true hero, but then what happened to the Underminer in her mind? The writing off of the Underminer allowed the introduction of the films actual antagonist, the ScreenSlaver. The ScreenSlaver quite literally saved the film. The villain was cool enough to enable the audience to forgive and forget about the Underminer. The psychedelic ideology of the ScreenSlaver taking control of others through hypnotism was awesome and unique. More so, the ScreenSlaver shows modern day issues proving the attachment to screens can be a major problem in our world today.

Outside of a few plot holes the film is fantastic. Incredibles 2 finds a way to appeal to literally everyone; male, female, below 10 years of age, above 65, and everything in between. I found myself laughing at jokes directed toward adults but also at silly children jokes. The way it appeals to everyone is finding a joke, story, or issue that is focused toward a specific audience. For example, the common core math jokes that are spread out within the film for Dashes homework. Obviously the older generation hates common core switching math (therefore would find this funny).

Mrs. Incredible shows off her successful flexibility and stunts! She takes over the head of the household view in Incredibles 2. The director came out stating that the issues they would like to cover were, “exploring the roles of men and women, the importance of fathers participating, the importance of allowing women to also express themselves through work and they are just as viable as men are and there’s aspects of being controlled by screens, there’s feelings about the difficulties of parenthood, that parenting is a heroic act.” Mr. Incredible inspires fathers within the film! He takes his three children and initially shows fatigue while parenting, but toward the end begins to get the hang of it. Dash and Violet are not as touched on when it came to their super powers until it was toward the end of the film. Initially the film focuses on their personal lives, Violet and her boyfriend and Dash with schoolwork. Obviously in the end, we see the whole family come together again and work as one unit. The kids go to save their parents from the ScreenSlaver who took over with mind control. Finally, there is Jack Jack. He is the most adorable character in the entire movie. He is always smiling (Even in beast form) and seems to bring a sense of comic relief to the table. One specific spot he shines in was his duel with the raccoon. He begins to use all of his super powers to take care of danger and problems (In the Incredibles 2, his villain is the raccoon).

All in all, Incredibles 2 was worth the wait and definitely worth the watch. On the big screen, all the effects were smooth, beautiful, and aesthetic. All in all, I would rate the the Incredibles 2 a 7.2 out of 10. The film has a fun great story line for kids. The plot holes are forgiving because the film makes up for the missed opportunities in other ways through funny dialogue and an action packed film.



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