Everything We Know About World of Warcraft Shadowlands…

There were a bunch of updates that were announced for Blizzard games from sequels (Diablo IV and Overwatch 2), an auto chess game for Hearthstone, and a HUGE new expansion for World of Warcraft. The new expansion that all WOW fans have been waiting for (including myself) is Shadowlands! The new expansion should bring some much-needed life back into the game. The last expansion was very solid, but I feel it did not hold the community, as well as other expansions, have for most people. The story structure was very well done, and the dungeons/raids were, for the most part, were enjoyable. Most people are speculating August since the last two expansions have come out in August. Most likely will be August or later for the 2020 year.

Since the expansion was just released there is not a huge amount of information yet, but there are some very key points. To start they showed off four total zones for the ShadowLands Expansion Revendreth, Bastion, Ardenweald, and Maldraxxus. Revendeth is the first one showed off on their World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Features Overview on youtube!

This zone is a very demonic and more on the dark and grim style for maps. It has some very interesting characters shown off in the video which seem to be some demons and potentially vampires as well that will wander this zone. The next zone on the list is Ardenweald. This zone is a very mystic and colorful zone with some darker undertones for a more Night feel to it, but a very luminous location. We seem to see what appears to be a Night Elf type creature with large antlers as sort of a city location. As for the monstrous creatures of this area we will be seeing more of the natural type with large worms, antelopes, and possible NPC or creatures that resemble a fairy-like hybrid. Maldraxxus is more in the style of Revendreth. Much more in the creepy/demon hunter location. It will be infested with trolls, spiders, and warlock type of humanoids in the zone. Maldraxxus is a much more run-down location for this expansion out of all the zones for the visuals. A very destroyed and gloomy zone for the expansion, but I’m sure will hold some very interesting creatures. The last zone in the overview is Bastion. Bastion has a very hopeful look to it with beautiful and vibrant colors throughout the area for what we can see. The city like the area has some beautiful architecture and an amazing amount of workers and guards throughout maintaining the city structure.

The zones are going to play a larger role than just quest locations as for what the overview brings to light. There is a new system called covenants in Shadowlands, and it shows each zone has its covenant that provides you with different rewards and armor for whatever you accomplish in this expansion for the covenant that you side with. We will have to see how the covenants play into the story, and how they potentially will affect the loot in the game that is earned. Each covenant has its own very distinct armors that you earn throughout the expansion. Now the real question is will different zones have different stats and attributes to the gear or will it all come down to cosmetics?

There is a HUGE change coming to the 2020 Shadowlands expansion… As most of you know the current max level cap for WOW Battle of Azeroth is 120. Blizzard is lowering the level cap down to 60 instead of raising it to 130. I believe this is a brilliant strategy for Blizzard. Right now trying to get into WOW as a new player to get from level 1 to level 120… Is impossible for most without paying 60$ to boost your character to level 110. With the level cap change the way leveling will work now is you will get to level 10 in your normal location of the game, and then at level 10, you will choose which expansion you will play. Yes, that’s right. Now at level 10, you will choose which of the previous expansions you would like to play from level 10 to level 50. Once you hit level 50 you will get to move onto ShadowLands. They have announced that Death Knights and Demon Hunter will start at level 10 to move onto the expansions. The real question for everyone right now is what happens to people right now who aren’t maxed level or level 1… We aren’t too sure yet if they will try and balance the levels out, make everyone level 10 who isn’t maxed, or make everyone 50 who is over (insert level). All and all I believe this was a very smart choice for Blizzard. As someone more of the casual player by running dungeons and raids here and there, but I have only ever really had one or two characters near max. This will drive someone like me to run all the expansions on a bunch of other characters to get to the new max.

What do you think of the upcoming ShadowLands DLC for WOW? Are you excited? Will this bring you back into the mix after not playing for years with the level cap much more reasonable? Let us know in the comments! Feel free to tweet us about your thoughts!

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-Brandon Maj

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