My Biggest Moment in Gaming for 2019… (Brandon)

Every year there are some amazing moments in gaming. It could be reaching a new rank in a competitive game, a long-awaited release finally dropping, or an amazing moment with your friends. To start the year if I had to guess what would have been my favorite moment of the year, I would have easily guessed the release of Borderlands 3. I even would have guessed getting to champ in Rocket League or reaching gold in League of Legends before what happened. I could not believe when City of Heroes made its return.

     Growing up my favorite game was City of Heroes. It was my first PC game and MMO experience. I remember when my dad got into the beta and watching him play the introduction to the game, and I remember thinking that was the coolest game I have ever seen. After watching him play for hours and days, I took all of my saved money from the last two years to buy my first computer. I got to the point where I got lost in this game. I created so many bonds over the game with the community, and so many memories with my friends. It even got to the point during double experience weekends my dad would take me out of school early to play the whole weekend. Sadly back in 2012, the game closed out of nowhere. The game seemed to be doing better than any point. The game just went free to play, and the game resurged. People were spending so much money in the online shop since there was no more monthly subscription. There was no explanation as to why the game closed down other than the company was done working on the game. 

     2019 was an emotional year for City of Heroes fans. In early 2019 there was a rumor going around that there were private servers that were never closed because people kept them private. It slowly started to leak out thanks to a youtube video about the servers. The community freaked out when they released the servers to the public. The creators of the game caught wind of this pretty quick, and there was a bit of a scare. The admins had to close down the servers to discuss what they could legally do with the servers. At this point, I remember being at work when I found out the servers were closed down, and I was heartbroken. Thankfully after some heroes that were running the servers, they got the right to keep the servers open. I have never seen so many people so emotional over a game’s return. I even took off two weeks of work to completely dive into this game again with friends and family. Thanks to some amazing people fighting for this game, we got to walk the streets of Paragon City to fight crime again. 

     Not only was this my favorite memory of the year it may have been my favorite of the decade. It is crazy to see what can happen when a community bands together to get what they love back. I would have never guessed this game would have returned. What was your favorite moment of the year for gaming? Was it a major accomplishment or a hilarious moment with friends? Let us know in the comments below!

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-Brandon Maj (TNC Penguin)


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