My Most Anticipated Movie of 2020… (Brandon)

     The year 2019 was one of the most captivating years of film ever. Every month had so many fantastic films that were worth a watch. After looking through the upcoming movies for 2020, not many are that exciting. 2020 came down to two films, Free Guy and Venom 2, for my list. At first, I assumed it was surely going to be Free Guy once I started this article. Once I saw the Free Guy trailer, I lost my mind. Not only does it have Ryan Reynolds, my favorite actor, but the concept is phenomenal! After some serious deliberation, I had to choose Venom 2.

     When I was little, there were two things I wanted to see in the film world. One was Deadpool, and I finally got that thanks to Ryan Reynolds and Fox. Now, Sony is bringing my other wish to life. Later this year, Venom 2 is bringing my favorite villain to the silver screen, Carnage. I am excited to see how Sony will interpret the menacing character of Carnage. I am hoping to see a very extreme R rating for this film. It would accurately bring the monster to life. There have also been some intriguing rumors that Tom Holland could appear in Venom 2. I am sure this would be a small cameo in the flick. I am hoping to see Tom Holand join the fight to take down Carnage at the end of the film, but I am sure the appearance will be much more modest than that. The possibility of this cameo is a big reason this is my most anticipated film of the year. It would fulfill one of the most significant moments in comic book history to me. 

    It will be amusing to see how Venom 2 plays out. We will have to hope that Sony does not make the same mistakes from the first Venom. 2020 is just starting, which means there are so many movies to release. Let us know in the comments which one you are most anticipating! What are your thoughts on Venom 2? Are you hoping to see Tom Holland appear in the sequel? Make sure to give us your opinions! If you enjoyed the article, leave a like!  

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-Brandon Maj (TNC Penguin)


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