Legends of RuneTerra First Thoughts…

Riot Games has done an incredible job with their property League of Legends. They have kept evolving League of Legends to keep it one of the most relevant games of the last decade. The game has kept the community afloat, but the lore is so enticing. We have also seen Riot Games bring in their version of auto chess with TFT, and they have don’t fascinating things with it so far. The last decade has been remarkable for Riot Games, but 2020 might be their best year yet.

  The year is starting strong with Legends of Runeterra. Riot Games just released their new online card game this past week, and the game is bringing in many player bases together. Legends of Runeterra is bringing players from League of Legends and the hardcore online card game players to one place. Runeterra takes the beloved champions of League of Legends and brings them into a card-based game. The game has a Hearthstone feel mixed with Magic the Gathering. It has a Mana system that each round your team regenerates Mana equal to which round it is. There are 3 phases to each turn, summoning, battling, and blocking. The game has introduced 2 dozen champions so far to help build your deck around them. They did an excellent job of bringing in popular and non-popular heroes into the mix to begin. It is also fantastic that they have brought in different types of decks for different play styles. You can construct a deck around gradual building teams, one card focused, or swarm compositions. 

 The game has a very balanced system for being so new, but every game has its problems when it launches. Legends of Runeterra has some issues at times with the pace of the matches. Rounds of Runeterra can be extremely prolonged because of the sectioned phases. It does allow for players to be creative with their turns because you can get back into the game with extra summoning, or you can go through the standard attack phases. Outside of the prolonged matches, Riot Games has done a fantastic job thus far. The animations in the game for special moves or champions are pleasant, and the game is reasonably balanced for how new it is. 

 It is impressive to see what Riot Games can do with their other ideas with the world of League of Legends. There is so much more to come from the studio in 2020. What are you most excited for in the upcoming year? Have you had a chance to join the fun in Legends of Runeterra? If so, let us know in the comments below what you think of it so far! If you enjoyed the article, make sure to follow us for more articles like these!

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-Brandon Maj (TNC Penguin)


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