My First Month of Valorant…

Everyone has their game(s) that they are most excited about, and I always have a hard time because I am not a single-player fan. Very rarely is there a HUGE esports style game coming out with much of a notice. Apex Legends took us by storm back in 2019 and completely dominated the scene. Thanks to Riot Games, it looks like we will have out a game for 2020 with their previous title of Project A. Riot Games has been a Goliath over the last decade for the esports scene with League of Legends, and now they are coming in with another monster of a game. The community knew that Project A would be the next big thing at the end of 2019. Project A finally got a title right around the beta announcement, Valorant. Riot Games everyone will have the opportunity to play the beta as long as they watch at least two hours of a streamer who has drops enabled. It was an excellent way for Riot Games to bring some appreciation over to some twitch streamers. 

Riot Games (@riotgames) | Twitter

  Valorant is the game I was most excited about coming into the 2020 gaming year, and I was extremely nervous. I NEVER played an FPS on PC before so, I knew I would have a huge mountain to climb for skill. I decided to download CSGO and put about 40 hours into it a week before Valorant was coming out so I could get used to the play style, and thank goodness I did. Practicing CSGO prepared me toward a particularly useful mindset for Valorant. I slowed down the way I played a shooter, the mechanics in a game like this, and the communication in a tactical FPS. At the end of my CSGO time, I set my sights high to hit the rank of Valorant in their ranked system.


Riot's shooter Valorant goes into beta on April 7th - The Verge

I went on a grind of a couple of hundred hours the first month of Valorant, and when it all started it was pretty rocky. I was having a very difficult time not moving and shooting, not taking my time peeking around corners, and the call outs of the maps. It was a little discouraging at first because I was playing against people like myself who never played an FPS and then people with 10,000+ hours(from CSGO) in public matches. After some time I have adjusted to the playstyle of Valorant, and I am finally making some strides. I started at Bronze 1 for my rank, and I have already obtained Gold 1, creeping into Gold 2, in the opening week of ranked. I have spent several hours in the firing range, watching pros stream, and watching tips/tricks videos so far for Valorant and it has paid off. I am on my way to Valorant.

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