The Best Decision Blizzard Has Made for Retail World of Warcraft…

World of Warcraft has been one of the most successful video games over the last decade and a huge thanks to its expansive world. World of Warcraft has cemented the path for all MMOs since 2004, and they are making a change that will hopefully push other games in the same direction. People have had many issues with WOW over the last few expansions, but I believe Shadowlands will bring back the love of retail WOW. 

One of the most daunting aspects of playing a Massive Multiplayer Online game is the LONG grind to catch up to everyone else. Thankfully Blizzard is answering this issue in Shadowlands. For the first time in World of Warcraft, there is going to be a level squish. What is a level squish you ask? Currently, WOW goes to level 120, which for some players this could take weeks or even months to achieve, Blizzard is making a tremendous change for next expansion. The level cap will now be 60. There have been plenty of people who have refused to play World of Warcraft due to the extreme time sink. I believe that the level cap reduction will bring an enormous influx of players back.  

Another aspect of the upcoming expansion that is exciting is you will have the opportunity to play whichever content you would like because they will all scale to your level. If you’re someone similar to me who got massively into WOW during Burning Crusade, you can now go back and enjoy Lich King! I am genuinely curious about how they will handle the raids. It would be fantastic to see the instances scaled to level 50 or 60, so everyone can experience them at authentic strength.

The changes coming to World of Warcraft could be a pivotal point in retail WOW’s life. This could bring a tremendous player base back to retail and help the game flourish, or the game might ultimately take it’s last breathes. We will have to wait and see what happens at the end of the year when the expansion drops. Are you excited about the upcoming expansion? What are your thoughts on the current state of World of Warcraft? Let us know in the comments below, and if you enjoyed the article make sure to leave a like and share it with your other gamer friends!

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