TNC First Thoughts of Rogue Company…

There have been a plethora of competitive shooters to hit the market over the last decade, and a lot of them have not been unique enough to break through the surface to the mainstream audience. Thanks to First Watch Games, they have done a fantastic job with their new property Rogue Company so far. A few members of TNC and myself decided to purchase a founders pack to the new Third Person Competitive Shooter and give it a test run. Here is what we think so far.

Adam – After some hands-on experience with First Watch Games’ new game Rogue Company, I can honestly say that this game has brought me more fun than any other game I have recently played within the last few months. The game has a good variety of characters to play, a nice selection of weaponry, and the maps are very unique. 

At first, I was hesitant about the game. It seemed like another csgo/valorant type game that didn’t need to be made but was created anyways to follow the valorant hype train. I was wrong. After playing the game mode called Strikeout, I quickly fell in love with this game. It is a fast-paced third-person shooter that flows incredibly well. Hit detection seems good and the movement system with crouching, sprinting, climbing, and rolling is very smooth. The character selection is fairly vast since it’s a 4v4 game and they all have their own unique ability and passive ability as well as their own selection of weaponry. I am a huge fan of the assault rifles and shotguns in the game and am personally a fan of Vy, a defensive operative who uses poison traps to slow enemy advancement. 

The maps have all been very delightful with unique designs. They seem to have a 2-3 lane pattern between them all which is typical for a game like this. The amount of cover is excellent and with the ability to change shoulder view, it adds a new level to the gameplay experience. The enemies don’t have an advantage on you because they are holding the right corner and you are peeking from the left. Now you can change your shoulder view and get the same peek advantage as them. 

Overall the game is very entertaining, and I personally can’t get enough of it. There is much to come for the game as it is still being worked on. If you have the spare money to get access to it now, I would highly recommend obtaining a copy today!

Manny – “Best shooter NA because I can throw a katana at people and live out my ninja fantasies.”

Brandon – I have put in a solid 20+ hours into Rogue Company so far, and this game is incredible. One of my favorite games growing up was Army of Two because it seemed as they mastered the Third Person shooter element in a game. I have tried a couple other Third Person Shooters since, and none grasped my attention. Rogue Company has done that, and more. I am in pure shock that this game is as well polished as it is in beta. 

First Watch Games brings in a very nice variety of characters for the beta from your typical duelists, support characters, and disrupters. I have played about 80% of the characters available, and I have definitely found my gal. Scorch is a great time to play with her incendiary rounds mechanic. One of the best things about playing different rogues is they all have their own load-outs, with different equipment and weapons. Each Rogue also has their own special ability wether that is a shield, bonus damage, intel, or a revive, there is something for everyone! 

The gameplay itself is very easy to grasp with the third person mechanics of peaking around walls, a simplistic ADS feature, and the fun of chucking your melee weapons at people. Rogue Company brings a breath of fresh air to the competitive shooter genre. I am extremely excited to see if Rogue Company can make a splash in the esports scene. First Watch Games deserves all the praise in the world for this fantastic experience they have given the community. 

I would seriously recommend Rogue Company to any gamer out there. You don’t even have to be super into the shooter genre this game is just fun. There is no better way to put it. It is an all-around good time, and you can play it extremely seriously or laid back. First Watch Games knocked this one out of the park. We will keep a very close eye for the life span of this game!

-TNC Penguin (Brandon)

-TNC Nitrodex (Adam)

-TNC Otter (Manny)

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