Payday 3 Development Confirmed

It’s been seven years since we saw the release of Starbreeze’s massively successful Payday 2. One of the most fun co-op shooters of the PS3/XB360 generation, Payday 2 let’s you and three friends team up to plan heists. It can be as simple as robbing a jewelry store to a good old fashion bank heist depending on the mission. They game had fun progression systems that allowed you to unlock perks in many different skill trees that let you be a tech wizard or the perfect stealthy assassin.

Announced on Twitter this past Saturday, Payday 3 is finally confirmed to be in development thanks to this tweet from the official Payday Twitter account:

The most intriguing news is that the game is going to be developed with the Unreal engine, which, if you guys remember that Playstation 5 tech demo a few months back, looks incredible! There is no timeframe for a release quite yet but fellow Payday fans can rejoice in the fact that the next game is coming.


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