The Boys Season 2 – Review

This article will walk a fine line of mentioning small spoilers but not spoiling major plot points. We recommend that you watch the entire first and second season before reading this review. Proceed at your own risk.

The Boys was a revolutionary show to the superhero genre when it came out back in 2019. Amazon took a risky leap with an intense and gritty take on the superhero market, and it paid off immensely. Everyone seemed to love the first season of the Boys due to it not being afraid to push the limits of what the real world would look like with Superheroes. Season 2 did not hold back, and it was one hell of a ride.

A lot happened in the second season, and I want to focus on one of the fascinating points first. Amazon did such a great job bringing in a controversy between the “Seven.” I was worried that the second season might fall flat due to a dull story of the heroes versus the vigilante group of the show again. It was mind-boggling the tension the show added with the issues between Star-Light and A-train, Homelander and Stormfront, and Starlight and Stormfront. It added a fantastic layer to the show that was a constant itch to every episode’s plot. I loved that they brought in the A-Train vs. Starlight “beef” from the first season so naturally into the second season! It was by far the best inner “Seven” controversy with the potential leak of Compound V. The dynamic that they developed between Homelander and Stormfront had so many layers to what became of the two characters at the end of the season. The Starlight Stormfront plot was the weakest of the three, but it did play a pivotal role in Starlight’s relationship with her mother, which was a pleasant addition to the second half of the season. 

Amazon took it up a notch this season with their visuals. Everything from the combat, powers, and gore was absurd how fantastic it looked. The first season has some highlight moments where your jaw dropped at what the visuals did for a streaming service. There were some scenes for season 2 that I forgot this was not a blockbuster movie. There is a scene in episode 6 of season 2 where there is a superhero ward, and you get to see some insane CGI moments that make your heart happy. Amazon did it again. In season 1, there is a moment that shocked the audience with a dolphin. Well, this season may have topped it with a graphic scene with a whale, and I will leave it at that. This show will keep surprising us every season on what they do to push the limits of the audience. 

The Boys Season 2 tugged at your heartstrings with the relationships throughout the show. They did a remarkable job with the relationship between Butcher and Becca. At the end of the first season, they leave you with a huge cliff hanger that Becca is alive and has a child with Homelander. Throughout the season, we see Butcher push to see his wife and get her back home. It is a fantastic way for Butcher to have some passion since he has been a “tough guy” in the first season. Another relationship with Butcher in the season that has Butcher breaks the “tough guy” mold, Butcher, and Hughie. In the second season, we see the two buttheads over every decision for the group. At the end of the season, we finally see the two become friends after everything they went through. In the first season, I was not a fan of Starlight and Hughie. They did a better job of making their relationship relatable in the plot. I found myself rooting for them this season much more than last season. I was hoping we would finally see Starlight break from the “Seven,” and they did a great job keeping your questioning this all season because of Hughie. I won’t spoil the outcome for you.  

They left off season 2 with the craziest cliff hanger possible, and I am sure there will be more to come even after season 3. If you have finished the show, let us know your favorite character or moment in the comments below. Feel free to tweet or message us on social media to discuss more things The Boys! If you enjoyed the article, make sure to share it with your fellow nerds! If you want to support the show, buy some merch or visit our Anchor page!

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