A Quiet Place Spin-Off in the Works

In an interview back in January, John Krasinski, the creator and director of the A Quiet Place, explained that in the upcoming sequel A Quiet Place Part II, there will be Easter eggs that will help expand the mythology of the universe. He has also stated before that he does have interest in creating movies in the universe outside of the current story.

It looks like he is going to get his wish as it was announced that a third movie in the A Quiet Place universe has been announced. The movie is going to be directed and written by Jeff Nichols (Midnight Special) but Krasinski did help with the premise of the film. The Hollywood Reporter does describe the movie as a spin-off rather than a direct sequel so it seems like Krasinski is going to get his wish.

Fans of the franchise will not have to wait long to get another dose of A Quiet Place with Part II set to release in April of 2021. To make things even better, the third film is currently targeting a 2022 release date so we could realistically have a new film in the franchise in consecutive years.

Let us know what you think about the news of the spinoff in the comments below or tweet us @TheNerdChambers!


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