Our Journey Back to the Trading Card Addiction…

Due to the pandemic in 2020, people had to put aside their hobbies and extracurricular activities thanks to being isolated. Markets started to fall apart for people not getting to experience these business outlets, but the trading card community took off. A lot of us remember being back in the early/mid-2000s and collecting our favorite card games. Whether that was Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic the Gathering, or sports cards, everyone had something in common. Early age addiction. I am kidding. Thanks to a love for collecting and getting to be a part of a community, we found something to make us happy. 2020 brought the resurgence of the trading cards back to the surface. We saw the card sales skyrocket. We also saw so many big streamers dive headfirst back into their childhood hobby. Even though 2020 was a devastating year, there was a slight spark of joy. 

The rebirth of card opening/collecting had come out of nowhere in 2020 and is only going to continue to grow in 2021. Between youtube, twitch, tiktok and other platforms, this trend is blowing up. I used to collect Pokemon and YuGiOh cards when I was younger and unfortunately sold them all around the age of 9 or so (probably wanted a new video game and needed money). Of course looking back on it now I’m regretting that. Wondering if I had any base set charizards that could’ve given me some extra cash nowadays with what it is worth. -TNC Nitrodex

So last year I noticed Pokémon card openings blowing up on social media and streaming platforms and started by just watching them out of pure enjoyment and nostalgia. Then one day at a store I saw the card section and figured I’d get a few and open them for fun to relive my younger days. Well here we are now with a new found addiction. It was such an awesome feeling opening packs and hoping to get those big chase cards that are either high value or they just have amazing artwork. Brandon realized my excitement with opening Pokémon cards and asked me if I wanted to start streaming my openings and I jumped at the opportunity. There I was streaming Pokémon card openings getting joy out of finding big cards and even more joy out of the interactions with the viewers who would get hyped with me or just have a nice conversation about Pokémon in general. So it became a pattern to stream these openings every Sunday night and it was the highlight of every week for me (my wallet didn’t agree with the excitement). -TNC Nitrodex

I decided recently to take a small break from the Pokémon card openings and instead play a Pokémon Emerald Nuzlocke Randomizer with Brandon. The break was to help save some money for the new set coming out in February called “Shining Fates”. That way I can bring a massive opening to you all. Plus I got a little tired of opening “Champion’s Path” and only pulling Holo Machamps and Holo Lycanrocs. Additionally, we have another new set coming in March called “Battle Styles” which will be appearing on our channel as well. Moral of the story, whether you are a collector, viewer, or someone who likes to flip cards for some extra money, this trend blowing up has been huge for the trading card community. Everyone gets to enjoy it their own way and I truly hope the passion for these trading cards continues to rise and bring joy to us all. -TNC Nitrodex

I sadly never got into Pokémon as a kid. It is crazy to say I just finished, at age 24, my first ever Pokémon game. Pokémon Emerald Nuzlocke. I have started to find a new love for Pokémon, but growing up, I was crazy into Yu-Gi-Oh! TNC’s own Adam started collecting and opening Pokémon cards on stream, and it got me thinking, should I start opening something as well. I wasn’t sure what to do if I should join him with Pokémon, try out Magic, or go back to my love of Yu-Gi-Oh! After trying some Magic the Gathering because I knew the popularity and thought it might be a better viewing experience, I went back to Yu-Gi-Oh!

I wasn’t sure where to start when coming back, so I started buying a bunch of variety packs at Walmarts and Targets. My girlfriend and I would go to about six different Walmart’s and buy out the stock. Thankfully after calling and driving to over a dozen game shops, I found one to help fill my addiction. I decided to go big and buy my first case. After buying single packs, I wanted to try out booster boxes and bought a full case of Phantom Rage. I also purchased two additional booster boxes from Amazon because I wasn’t sure if I would get the entire case. I found a system to break up the case into two boxes a weekend. I am immensely pleased with the results. I truly had so much fun opening the booster boxes over the seven weeks, and I am excited to continue the Sunday tradition. I got to meet some incredible people that would stop in on stream to check out what I was opening, and also got some really awesome cards as well!

I have finished my first case of cards, and I am excited to announce I have my second case on the way for Blazing Vortex. I am also currently debating if I want to get a case of Ghost from the Past. As long as funds allow it, I will get a case of both. I am also looking to purchase some older sets of Yu-Gi-Oh booster boxes, so I am in the market for some recommendations after my Toon Chaos in a couple of weeks. I believe I will be opening Yu-Gi-Oh cards until I go broke at this point. I have also sent in some of my old collection cards to get graded, and I am too excited to see what happens with those. If any of them can come back in high grades I could have a nice little gold mine! There is a chance down the line I will open Pokémon cards as well. 

Has the last year taken you back to collecting cards? If so make sure to let us know which game(s) you are collecting! We would love to see your favorite cards you have gotten so far! Let us know what you thought of the article in the comments, or reach out to us on social media! If you have a topic you would like for us to cover, let us know! Thank you again for your support!

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