Portal Dogs – Review

Portal Dogs, Portal Dogs, Portal Dogs. Where do I start. There have been VERY few platformers that I have enjoyed. I have always thought it was a very dull genre with not many places to go. The rage inducing Cat Mario was the only platformer I have enjoyed in my time that I can remember. With all of that said, I had a blast with Portal Dogs. I streamed Portal Dogs for roughly an hour before I was interrupted. I then told myself I would play a little more before I wrote up a review. Well, that was almost 2 or 3 hours ago. After the introduction to how the game works, I got sucked in immediately. Portal Dogs is a typical platformer with some exciting twists. 

To start things off, the music for the game is an absolute BOP. I caught myself multiple times throughout the playthrough just bobbing my head along. It is so light and catchy it’s contagious. As for the gameplay, it is smooth and very well put together. The mechanics may be simple, but there are so many nuances between the levels and how you play them. There are seven playable species of portal dogs and each dog brings its unique style to the game. After you get the hang of the first couple of dogs, the game starts to throw some curveballs at you. The game begins with self-explanatory mechanics, but then you have to test the waters on how some things will work. It adds a great level to the platformer genre.

I will say the game is easy to complete but feels almost impossible to perfect every level. Each level has a couple of side tasks to complete before you reach the finish portal, and that is where the game excels so well. You could probably complete every level in under three minutes if you shoot for the end portal, and some even in seconds. If you try to 100% each level, you may be banging your head on the desk by the first half of the game. That is the fun part of a good platformer. Everyone CAN enjoy it, but some will be able to grind it until perfection. If you try to blow through the game it might only get you an hour or two of gameplay, but if you take your time and one hundred percent it, you might have a solid ten plus hours on your hands. I do hope to see more content added down the line, and I hope to return soon!

Portal Dogs is a breath of fresh air from the nonstop competitive games I have been playing. I would recommend it for anyone out there who likes some fun music, cute portal doggos, and a challenge. It is only 3.99 on Steam, and you can check out more information on their website linked below.


Let us know if you get your hands on Portal Dogs and let us know your favorite Portal Dog! If you enjoyed the article, leave a comment or share it with your friends! If you have a game for us to review, let us know on any social media platform! 

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