Xbox To Host Extended Showcase Tomorrow

That’s right, Xbox is keeping the good times from E3 2021 rolling with an extended showcase of some of their biggest games from their showcase this past Sunday. They released a tweet listing some of the studios that they will be conversing with tomorrow starting at noon central. 343, Obsidian, Playground Games, and Rare are just a few of the studios that will be getting more air time to show off their projects. This means more information on Halo Infinite, The Outer Worlds 2, Forza Horizon 5, and Sea of Thieves and their new story content update.

After a very impressive showcase that showed off roughly 30 games and the announcement that nearly all of the games will be launching on Xbox Gamepass, Microsoft and Xbox are keeping the hype train rolling. They have had a very busy past two years acquiring quality studios left and right including the MASSIVE – and expensive – acquisition of Bethesda. Which game are you looking forward to getting a deeper dive into during this showcase? Sound off in the comments below or tweet us @TheNerdChambers.

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