Revamped Franchise Mode Finally Coming in Madden 22

After years of disappointment for fans of the classic franchise mode in Madden, they are finally getting the upgrades they deserve. In a post on Xbox Wire, we received a bit of information as to what we changes we can expect. The post reads ,”(t)he team at EA listened to community feedback asking for a deeper, more realistic franchise experience.” Community feedback is putting it lightly considering the game got absolutely review bombed by disappointed fans of the franchise on popular review platform Metacritic. In over 5,000 reviews Madden 21 has an unbelievably bad 0.2 score from users.

This is obviously an organized effort by the community, but it worked. EA has finally shown some love to the franchise mode for Madden 22 and that is fantastic news for a franchise that has gone pretty stale over the years. It may have taken them roughly a decade to make these changes, but hey, we are getting them!


As I was typing this up the official Madden Twitter account actually released a deep dive video showcasing what the changes will look like in game!

The video shows in game footage of the changes which includes:

  • Major changes to staffing – 4 staff members to hire each with their own skill tree
  • The ability to uniquely gameplan for your opponent each week.
  • An entire scouting system
  • And a bunch more!

This summer EA is going all out with going in depth on the next Madden game with each Monday bringing information on a new piece of the game. Next week will be a look at the new dynamic gameday feature.

Excited to see the franchise mode finally getting some love? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheNerdChambers.


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