Naughty Dog Classics, Brought Back

A nice little reveal trailer dropped yesterday from our friends over at Naughty Dog. Fans would know that the studio has brought us exceptional games such as The Last of Us and The Uncharted series. Their earliest games, you might remember were the Crash Bandicoot series! After that those PlayStation 1 classics, they moved onContinue reading “Naughty Dog Classics, Brought Back”

Overwatch PREQUEL?!

Jeff Kaplan recently announced plans to work on a story based on the fallen heroes, Soldier 76 and Reaper. Kaplin stated that although there are comics to explain the backstories of the loved characters in Overwatch, he wants more people to fully understand the complex story and relationship between 76 and Reaper. I know whatContinue reading “Overwatch PREQUEL?!”

Our 24th Overwatch Hero – Theory

SCIENCE] Meet Efi Oladele—winner of the Adawe Foundation’s genius grant for her achievements in AI and robotics! 🔬 — Overwatch (@OverwatchEU) February 21, 2017 Over the course of the past couple weeks, Overwatch has released pictures teasing a potential new hero. Last week, Overwatch released an interview with “Inventor Efi Oladele” via Twitter.Continue reading “Our 24th Overwatch Hero – Theory”

Middle – Earth: Shadow of War Announcement Trailer

Yesterday we got a leak via a Target listing for the game, Shadow of War. Today we got a trailer announcement for the game, and it looks fantastic! The trailer starts off with a woman appearing from the darkness telling, what I’m assuming is the audience, that “the world of men is burning.” Following that,Continue reading “Middle – Earth: Shadow of War Announcement Trailer”