Playstation Acquires Bungie

Playstation Studios has it’s newest addition as Sony acquires Bungie. It is reportedly costing Sony $3.6 billion to acquire the Destiny studio. The news was announced on various platforms including Bungie’s official Twitter account. For those that are worried about the future of Destiny, Bungie CEO Pete Parson assured fans that as part of theContinue reading “Playstation Acquires Bungie”

Introducing Our Fifth Show: Attack on Anime

We have been teasing the show on social media for about a month now and I am very happy to officially unveil the newest addition to The Nerd Chambers network, Attack on Anime. Myself, Joe, and, you may recognize him from Movie Knights, Mr. Mike Popp break down all things anime. Our first two episodesContinue reading “Introducing Our Fifth Show: Attack on Anime”

Rumor: Playstation’s Next State of Play Airing Early July

People around the industry have been wondering what Playstation has up their sleeve after Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan stated that Playstation Studios has 25 IPs in development and that roughly half of them are new IPs. According to French outlet JeuxVideo, we may get a glimpse at some of the things that areContinue reading “Rumor: Playstation’s Next State of Play Airing Early July”

Dragon Age 4 Alpha File Discovered

What does that mean? Well, if the tweet below from @PlaystationSize is accurate, we may get an alpha test for the highly anticipated Dragon Age 4 next month. The Twitter account typically drops news and leaks about games being added to the Playstation Store. They claim to have found a file that seems to beContinue reading “Dragon Age 4 Alpha File Discovered”

Revamped Franchise Mode Finally Coming in Madden 22

After years of disappointment for fans of the classic franchise mode in Madden, they are finally getting the upgrades they deserve. In a post on Xbox Wire, we received a bit of information as to what we changes we can expect. The post reads ,”(t)he team at EA listened to community feedback asking for aContinue reading “Revamped Franchise Mode Finally Coming in Madden 22”

Chivalry 2 Roadmap – New Maps, Modes and More

Since Chivalry 2 dropped I have been having tons of fun with it. The idea of a multiplayer game where you aren’t worried about communication and executing things a certain way, and just worrying about fighting the enemy, is a breath of fresh air. I will admit, the longevity of the game was a concernContinue reading “Chivalry 2 Roadmap – New Maps, Modes and More”

NEW SHOW: TNC Does D&D Starts Tonight!

After tossing the idea around for, at least, the past year, we are finally going to start a D&D campaign and share the fun with all of you. Our first session will be tonight at 8pm central which will be trial run for some of TNC members that are new to Dungeons and Dragons. TheContinue reading “NEW SHOW: TNC Does D&D Starts Tonight!”

Pokemon Unite Out Next Month on Switch

For those of you that may not remember Pokemon Unite, it was originally apart of the big Pokemon Direct that saw the announcement Pokemon Legends Arceus. This game, like Pokemon Legends, Unite is quite the different take on Pokemon. You see, Pokemon Unite is a 5v5 MOBA. Yes, a MOBA like League of Legends andContinue reading “Pokemon Unite Out Next Month on Switch”

Medieval Dynasty New Update – The Dating Game Has Changed

Toplitz Productions unveiled the details of their next major update for their hit sandbox simulation game Medieval Dynasty. The changes are currently playable on the test branch and will surely hit the main game in the near future. The update offers loads of new additions including a new animal that you be able to huntContinue reading “Medieval Dynasty New Update – The Dating Game Has Changed”

Xbox To Host Extended Showcase Tomorrow

That’s right, Xbox is keeping the good times from E3 2021 rolling with an extended showcase of some of their biggest games from their showcase this past Sunday. They released a tweet listing some of the studios that they will be conversing with tomorrow starting at noon central. 343, Obsidian, Playground Games, and Rare areContinue reading “Xbox To Host Extended Showcase Tomorrow”