My First Impression of Horizon Zero Dawn

So if you guys did not get a chance to check out our stream of Horizon Zero Dawn last night or today, I have now gotten to play three hours of the game and I thought I would share my initial thoughts about the game thus far. I will do my best to keep thisContinue reading “My First Impression of Horizon Zero Dawn”

Overwatch 1.8 Patch Notes are Live

Season 4 is so incredibly close for Overwatch. The new season goes live in just three hours (6pm central) and Blizzard has treated us all to the new patch notes for the upcoming update. Unfortunately we will not know who the new character is until the update hits, but until then here are the biggestContinue reading “Overwatch 1.8 Patch Notes are Live”

Pokemon Go Hits Another Milestone

It has been reported by Niantic, creators of Pokemon Go, that the app that set the world on fire last summer has reached another milestone marker. Pokemon Go has now been downloaded 650 million times in less than a year of being available. In fact, it was reported by Mashable that Pokemon Go was the 3rdContinue reading “Pokemon Go Hits Another Milestone”

Microsoft’s Upcoming Subscription…

The power house company Microsoft recently announced a new gaming subscription that will be launching sometime in Spring of 2017. The subscription is in ways like the EA Access where you get to play a plethora of games for a monthly fee. The subscription total runs to 9.99$ a month for a grand total ofContinue reading “Microsoft’s Upcoming Subscription…”

Our 24th Overwatch Hero – Theory

SCIENCE] Meet Efi Oladele—winner of the Adawe Foundation’s genius grant for her achievements in AI and robotics! 🔬 — Overwatch (@OverwatchEU) February 21, 2017 Over the course of the past couple weeks, Overwatch has released pictures teasing a potential new hero. Last week, Overwatch released an interview with “Inventor Efi Oladele” via Twitter.Continue reading “Our 24th Overwatch Hero – Theory”

Middle – Earth: Shadow of War Announcement Trailer

Yesterday we got a leak via a Target listing for the game, Shadow of War. Today we got a trailer announcement for the game, and it looks fantastic! The trailer starts off with a woman appearing from the darkness telling, what I’m assuming is the audience, that “the world of men is burning.” Following that,Continue reading “Middle – Earth: Shadow of War Announcement Trailer”

Twitch Users Will Soon Get to Buy Games on Site

Twitch just announced earlier today on their blog that users will be able to buy games and in-game content directly from their website. The way it will work is that viewers that are interested in the game that is being played by a given streamer will be able to purchase the game via a linkContinue reading “Twitch Users Will Soon Get to Buy Games on Site”

Horizon Zero Dawn is Almost Here

Horizon Zero Dawn will be launching tonight, and we at The Nerd Chambers cannot wait to finally get our hands on it. Preloading is already live for those of you that are purchasing it digitally. For those that are picking it up retail, Gamestop is having a strange early release for the game. People whoContinue reading “Horizon Zero Dawn is Almost Here”

Shadow of War Leak!

The much anticipated sequel for middle Earth’s Shadow of Mordor was leaked today via a Target listing. The sequel will follow the same main character from the previous game Talion/Celebrimbor. Shadow of War will follow its very unique nemesis system that made Shadow of Mordor as successful as it was. The target listing has theContinue reading “Shadow of War Leak!”

Sony is Pleased with PSVR Success

In almost unprecedented fashion, Sony gave the official sales numbers of their virtual reality headset. In a report by The New York Times, we find out that the Playstation VR sales are currently at 915,000 units in the four months it has been available. It is included in the report that Sony is very proudContinue reading “Sony is Pleased with PSVR Success”