(Non Spoiler) Review of Netflix’s Iron Fist…

After a weekend of binge watching Iron Fist it is finally time to break down the show… Iron Fist has had a very hard time when it came to the critics. The show was bashed pretty hard about being boring, the lead being uninteresting, and the lack of action sequences. I will be tackling myContinue reading “(Non Spoiler) Review of Netflix’s Iron Fist…”

First Impressions of Mass Effect: Andromeda

I am going to start by saying this, I haven’t delved too deep into the game as a whole just yet. These are just my thoughts on the game after spending some time on both the singleplayer and multiplayer. I will continue to progress through the game and once I feel I have a fullContinue reading “First Impressions of Mass Effect: Andromeda”

First Impressions of Netflix’s Iron Fist… (NON SPOILER REVIEW) 

The excitement for Marvel’s Iron Fist has been surreal… This is the 4th part to Marvel’s collected series for the upcoming super hero mash-up show The Defenders. Out of all the Marvel’s Netflix shows Iron Fist is the character I knew the least about. So I was very excited to experience a brand new superContinue reading “First Impressions of Netflix’s Iron Fist… (NON SPOILER REVIEW) “

My First Impression of Horizon Zero Dawn

So if you guys did not get a chance to check out our stream of Horizon Zero Dawn last night or today, I have now gotten to play three hours of the game and I thought I would share my initial thoughts about the game thus far. I will do my best to keep thisContinue reading “My First Impression of Horizon Zero Dawn”

“Get Out” hits a home run on Rotten Tomatoes…

There have been countless numbers of movies that have been released, and for how many have been released a very small group have earned a 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Movies like “Toy Story 1 and 2”, “Singin’ in the Rain”, and “All Quiet on the Western Front” have had their success to a 100Continue reading ““Get Out” hits a home run on Rotten Tomatoes…”