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We are a group of fun loving nerds who strive to bring you the best content in the gaming industry!

Manny Roman

Co-founder of TNC and Co-host of The Nerd Chambers and Attack on Anime

Hey friends, I’m Manny, one of the co-founders of The Nerd Chambers and co-host of TNC Live. Years ago I was a weekly listener of “Beyond!” (IGN’s Playstation talk show/podcast) and it inspired me to pursue broadcasting and video game journalism. In broadcasting school I met Brandon and I told him about The Nerd Chambers and what I wanted it to do with it. He was immediately onboard and the rest is history! I love all things video games from MMO’s to competitive shooters and anything in between. Plus I LOVE talking about all things games whether it’s news or funny moments.

@MannyRoman22 on Twitter

Brandon Maj

Co-founder of TNC, Co-host of TNC and TNC Movie Knights

I am the Co-founder of TNC and a co host of TNC Live and TNC Movie Knights. I have been extremely into Competetive games and MMOs since day one. Ask me about City of Heroes…I have a huge love for everything nerd culture! Keep up with my tattoo progress of all my nerdy tattoos!

@TNCPenguin on Twitter

Adam Kovak

Co-host of TNC

Hello my name is Adam Kovak and I am currently 25 years old. I have a Bachelors Degree for Spanish and studied at Northern Illinois University. I currently live with my fiancé Madisen and we have two cats named Spyro and Jinx. I enjoy most genres of gaming and movies, but would say team based games and comedy movies are my go to.

@Nitrodex96 on Twitter

Alex Fuery

Co-host of Movie Knights

Hello! I’m Alex and I’m definitely less of a game nerd than most of the people in The Nerd Chambers, but I still have a solid amount of gaming in my past. Most of my nerd contributions come from the movie side of the nerdiverse. If you’re a cinephile like me, you can catch me co-hosting TNC Movies Knights with Brandon where we talk anything and everything movies!

@TNCFuery on Twitter

Eric Roman

Host of Commander and You: An MTG Podcast

I’m a dad joke enthusiast who loves to game. Father of one and a happy husband. Also I kind of like Magic the Gathering.

Joe Samuels

Co-host of Attack on Anime

Hi, my name is Joseph but I go by Joe, I am currently 20 and have been playing games since I was a wee baby. I also love binge watching lots of anime and reading manga. Will catch me playing with the guys all the time. Personally love myself some strategy games and shooters. Riot has best games hands down.

@TNCJoe on Twitter

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