Dying Light 2 Collectors Edition Image Leaks

Images have surfaced on Reddit showing what could be a collector’s edition for Techland’s Dying Light 2. The image below shows the edition includes: a UV flashlight, UV stickers, statue, secret locations map, artbook, and steelbook. People are questioning the validity of the image but Techland did say they had announcements coming very soon forContinue reading “Dying Light 2 Collectors Edition Image Leaks”

This Week in Gaming – Microsoft Tried To Buy Nintendo? and More!

Happy Monday gamers! This Week in Gaming is back with all of the news from this past week. As the title suggests, we learn that Microsoft, once upon a time, tried to buyout Nintendo. We think about what the landscape of gaming could be had that actual happened and Nintendo’s response to the idea ofContinue reading “This Week in Gaming – Microsoft Tried To Buy Nintendo? and More!”