Xbox To Host Extended Showcase Tomorrow

That’s right, Xbox is keeping the good times from E3 2021 rolling with an extended showcase of some of their biggest games from their showcase this past Sunday. They released a tweet listing some of the studios that they will be conversing with tomorrow starting at noon central. 343, Obsidian, Playground Games, and Rare areContinue reading “Xbox To Host Extended Showcase Tomorrow”

Nintendo Direct E3 Recap

The final showcase from the major developers at E3 this year came and when this afternoon with Nintendo’s E3 Direct. The Direct was loaded with well over twenty games in just about forty minutes so there is a lot for Switch fans to be excited about in the coming months. Mario Party Superstars The firstContinue reading “Nintendo Direct E3 Recap”

Xbox + Bethesda Showcase Recap

The most aniticipated showcase of E3 came and went early this afternoon. Xbox showed off over thirty titles during its roughly hour and a half presentation. Of those titles twenty-seven of them were announced to be on Xbox Gamepass on day one. If you didn’t get a chance to watch the presentation, here are allContinue reading “Xbox + Bethesda Showcase Recap”

Ubisoft Forward – E3 2021 Recap

This afternoon we got one of the first major digital conferences for this year’s all-digital E3 with the newest Ubisoft Forward. The digital Ubisoft showcases have always been well produced and structured, focusing on the key games and going in depth while not lingering on smaller things like live service game updates. The Ubisoft ForwardContinue reading “Ubisoft Forward – E3 2021 Recap”