Dragon Age 4 Alpha File Discovered

What does that mean? Well, if the tweet below from @PlaystationSize is accurate, we may get an alpha test for the highly anticipated Dragon Age 4 next month. The Twitter account typically drops news and leaks about games being added to the Playstation Store. They claim to have found a file that seems to beContinue reading “Dragon Age 4 Alpha File Discovered”

Revamped Franchise Mode Finally Coming in Madden 22

After years of disappointment for fans of the classic franchise mode in Madden, they are finally getting the upgrades they deserve. In a post on Xbox Wire, we received a bit of information as to what we changes we can expect. The post reads ,”(t)he team at EA listened to community feedback asking for aContinue reading “Revamped Franchise Mode Finally Coming in Madden 22”

Battlefield 2042 Gets Debut Trailer – Gameplay Reveal Announced

The start of E3 week is here with the reveal trailer for the next game in the Battlefield franchise. While most of us were expecting it to be a Battlefield 6 announcement, it ended up being Battlefield 2042 which seems to be more of a prequel to the 2006 futuristic installment Battlefield 2142. It wasContinue reading “Battlefield 2042 Gets Debut Trailer – Gameplay Reveal Announced”

The Sims 5 Multiplayer Rumors

You read the title correct. The long running franchise The Sims is looking like it will be likely getting multiplayer added in it’s next installment. Last year we were given hints by EA CEO Andrew Wilson that The Sims 5 could potentially head in that direction but we have received new hints that make itContinue reading “The Sims 5 Multiplayer Rumors”