Epic Games Acquires Mediatonic

Epic Games has been aggressively growing it’s brand ever since the success it saw with Fortnite. Now their “metaverse” of gaming is expanding further. The company acquired Fall Guys developers Mediatonic in recent weeks. What does that mean for fans of the game? Does Epic Games continue acquiring assets like this and who could theyContinue reading “Epic Games Acquires Mediatonic”

TNC and Vivid Event… (Rocket League Tournament)

This last Tuesday, the 7th of January, was one to remember for a long time. Thanks to our friends in Vivid (@WeAreVivid), we got to experience a very enjoyable Rocket League tournament. Manny and I got together with a couple of the members for a LAN event where they hosted a 2v2 Rocket League tournament.Continue reading “TNC and Vivid Event… (Rocket League Tournament)”