Movie Knights: Kick-Ass Review

In 2010, Kick-Ass, a comedy superhero film, released to rave reviews from audiences. It was the first movie that blended the genres as well as it did and did so well they even produced a sequel. The Movie Knights crew finally sat down and did a review to the classic super hero film in oneContinue reading “Movie Knights: Kick-Ass Review”

Movie Knights: Comedy Actors in Serious Roles

Some of the best actors in the movie industry show a dynamic range by being able to act in various genres of film. The Movie Knights crew spent some time reminiscing on their favorite comedy actors making the change to more serious roles. See if some of your favorites joined the conversation by checking outContinue reading “Movie Knights: Comedy Actors in Serious Roles”

Movie Knights: The Rom-Com Show

Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, the Movie Knights crew (accompanied by their better halves) discuss romantic comedies. Plenty of laughs and good times to be had as always with the Movie Knights crew so be sure to listen in to the latest episode below. While you are at it follow/subscribe to themContinue reading “Movie Knights: The Rom-Com Show”