Amazon’s New World Gets Delayed To August 2021

Amazon announced to fans that the long awaited MMO New World has been delayed once again. In a development update, it was explained that there are more additions they want to make before the game is fully released. The game is now slated to release August 31st of this year. They also gave us moreContinue reading “Amazon’s New World Gets Delayed To August 2021”

Venom Trailer #2…

After having a few hours to collect myself and watch the trailer numerous times… It’s time to give my thoughts on the upcoming horror/anti-hero movie trailer that dropped this morning… It was absolutely exhilarating. I feel as if I was one of the few who thoroughly enjoyed the first trailer, with basically no complaints. ThisContinue reading “Venom Trailer #2…”

Black Ops 4 Beta Dates

The dates have finally been announced when the beta will drop for Black Ops 4, the upcoming installment for the Call of Duty franchise. It has been a sigh of relief the last few years when the developers have allowed us to indulge on early gameplay for multiple reasons. The biggest of course is forContinue reading “Black Ops 4 Beta Dates”

This Week’s Movie Releases 3/1/17…

Before I Fall (Mystery/Drama).                    Run Time: 1 hour and  39 minutes.                   Synopsis: Samantha Kingston is a young woman who has it all: the crush-worthy boyfriend, amazing best friend’s, and drop dead gorgeous looks. February 12 is justContinue reading “This Week’s Movie Releases 3/1/17…”