TWIG 2/22 New World Delay

Big changes were made to This Week in Gaming. Instead of one long winded episode we are breaking down the biggest stories for you and releasing them starting Mondays and everyday following! This means you will be getting the latest news quickly and something to look forward to nearly everyday. The first story we discussContinue reading “TWIG 2/22 New World Delay”

Amazon’s New World Gets Delayed To August 2021

Amazon announced to fans that the long awaited MMO New World has been delayed once again. In a development update, it was explained that there are more additions they want to make before the game is fully released. The game is now slated to release August 31st of this year. They also gave us moreContinue reading “Amazon’s New World Gets Delayed To August 2021”

TWIG 2/1 – The Day Before, Dev Crunch and More!

This week in gaming we got some updates and announcements on some awesome games. We recap the changes to crafting and gathering in New World, give our thoughts on the newly announced The Day Before survival MMO, and talk about Biomutant after the one of the heads of the development team discusses why they wentContinue reading “TWIG 2/1 – The Day Before, Dev Crunch and More!”