Pokemon Unite Out Next Month on Switch

For those of you that may not remember Pokemon Unite, it was originally apart of the big Pokemon Direct that saw the announcement Pokemon Legends Arceus. This game, like Pokemon Legends, Unite is quite the different take on Pokemon. You see, Pokemon Unite is a 5v5 MOBA. Yes, a MOBA like League of Legends andContinue reading “Pokemon Unite Out Next Month on Switch”

Nintendo Direct E3 Recap

The final showcase from the major developers at E3 this year came and when this afternoon with Nintendo’s E3 Direct. The Direct was loaded with well over twenty games in just about forty minutes so there is a lot for Switch fans to be excited about in the coming months. Mario Party Superstars The firstContinue reading “Nintendo Direct E3 Recap”

Our E3 2021 Wishlist and Expectations

Hey friends E3 week is kicking off in mere moments with Summer Games Fest and we sat down and talked about the games we wanted to see most this coming week. With presentations from Xbox, Ubisoft, Square Enix, and Nintendo there are a lot of potential big announcements that we are excited for including moreContinue reading “Our E3 2021 Wishlist and Expectations”

Switch Pro Rumors are Back

The Switch Pro has been rumored to be in production from various outlets for over a year. Nintendo stepped into the spotlight and squashed those rumors quickly saying that they had no plans like that. Now in recent weeks we have seen these rumors picking up steam once again. Find out the latest information regardingContinue reading “Switch Pro Rumors are Back”

This Week in Gaming – Microsoft Tried To Buy Nintendo? and More!

Happy Monday gamers! This Week in Gaming is back with all of the news from this past week. As the title suggests, we learn that Microsoft, once upon a time, tried to buyout Nintendo. We think about what the landscape of gaming could be had that actual happened and Nintendo’s response to the idea ofContinue reading “This Week in Gaming – Microsoft Tried To Buy Nintendo? and More!”

Nintendo Shares E3 Plans

Nintendo has had it’s fair share of the limelight through the first four months of the year with the official reveal of the Nintendo Switch, the launch of the Switch, and the latest installment of The Legend of Zelda being one of the greatest reviewed games of all-time. Nintendo has been enjoying a big year,Continue reading “Nintendo Shares E3 Plans”

Nintendo looks to take the Indie game market…

The Nintendo Switch release is right around the corner. The popularity of the switch has been spreading like wild fire. Gary Jones from Express even reported that… “The NINTENDO switch pre order numbers are reportedly taking on PS4 launch day sales with gusto” Many gamers out there have been keeping their ears searching for moreContinue reading “Nintendo looks to take the Indie game market…”