Call of Legends, Fossil, and Chilling Reign!?!?

TNC Penguin hosts Pokémon Force Chilling Reign Celebration… The hits are insane! First time EVER opening personal collection Call of Legends and Fossil!

Pokemon Pack Opening: Return of Shining Fates

Brandon aka Penguin is back to cracking packs like he does every Sunday live on Twitch. This time he returns to the Shining Fates set which was very kind to him in the past. Will his hot streak continue? Find out by watching the latest highlight video below. Remember to subscribe to The Nerd ChambersContinue reading “Pokemon Pack Opening: Return of Shining Fates”

Adam’s Back! Pokemon Shining Fates Box Opening

Everyone’s favorite Pokemon Master is finally back. After a short hiatus in anticipation of the new set, Adam is back to what he loves more than anything in this world – cracking packs of Pokemon cards! Check out the latest stream highlights below to see all the exciting pulls. Don’t forget to subscribe to ourContinue reading “Adam’s Back! Pokemon Shining Fates Box Opening”

Brandon’s New Addiction – Pokemon Cards

The man with the golden locks is back but he has gone from Yu-Gi-Oh! addict to Pokemon addict in the matter of a couple weeks. His latest pack opening had some seriously spicy pulls. Check out the latest pack opening below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel, and while you’re at it, letContinue reading “Brandon’s New Addiction – Pokemon Cards”