Call of Legends, Fossil, and Chilling Reign!?!?

TNC Penguin hosts Pokémon Force Chilling Reign Celebration… The hits are insane! First time EVER opening personal collection Call of Legends and Fossil!

Pokemon Unite Out Next Month on Switch

For those of you that may not remember Pokemon Unite, it was originally apart of the big Pokemon Direct that saw the announcement Pokemon Legends Arceus. This game, like Pokemon Legends, Unite is quite the different take on Pokemon. You see, Pokemon Unite is a 5v5 MOBA. Yes, a MOBA like League of Legends andContinue reading “Pokemon Unite Out Next Month on Switch”

Penguin Opens Packs (Highlights)

As is tradition around these parts, Brandon a.k.a. Penguin, hosted his latest Sunday night Pokemon pack opening stream and happened upon quite a few gems. We also get the treat of Brandon repping the legendary penguin onesie. To catch up on all the fun check out the highlight video below. Remember TNC Penguin and TheContinue reading “Penguin Opens Packs (Highlights)”

TNC All Things Cards: Getting to Know Us

That’s right we have a new show! TNC All Things Cards! This show will revolve around the Trading Card Game world! Your favorite Pokémon Master Adam and Penguin TNC Penguin team up together to help you all know the world of Trading Cards! First episode is to help you get to know the duo, andContinue reading “TNC All Things Cards: Getting to Know Us”