Pokemon Shining Fates Highlights #2

Adam is back to his old… obsessively cracking packs of Pokemon cards! He cracks another four ETBs from the latest set Shining Fates. To see all of the big time pulls and good times check out the latest highlight video below. Remember we do these streams EVERY Sunday on our Twitch channel so remember toContinue reading “Pokemon Shining Fates Highlights #2”

Adam’s Back! Pokemon Shining Fates Box Opening

Everyone’s favorite Pokemon Master is finally back. After a short hiatus in anticipation of the new set, Adam is back to what he loves more than anything in this world – cracking packs of Pokemon cards! Check out the latest stream highlights below to see all the exciting pulls. Don’t forget to subscribe to ourContinue reading “Adam’s Back! Pokemon Shining Fates Box Opening”