This Week in Gaming 2/22 TFT 11.4

Following up our League of Legends patch breakdown, Brandon and Manny then take a look at all the changes made in a fairly large 11.4 patch for Teamfight Tactics. Tons of changes were made to different classes and origins so check out the breakdown of the patch below. Remember, while you are here, subscribe toContinue reading “This Week in Gaming 2/22 TFT 11.4”

This Week In Gaming 1/25 – Xbox Live Kerfuffle and More!

This week in gaming we saw a couple PR snafus courtesy of Xbox including trying to jack up the price of Xbox Live Gold memberships, HUGE news coming from Gaben, and we break down the new TFT split. Listen to This Week In Gaming below or on your podcasting service of choice, and don’t forgetContinue reading “This Week In Gaming 1/25 – Xbox Live Kerfuffle and More!”

Recommended TFT Fates Builds

Teamfight Tactics has been one of my favorite games since it was released June of last year, and I cannot stop playing. Despite getting angry when I can’t get the characters I need for a composition, or I try running an attack damage heavy composition and get nothing but magic items and play poorly –Continue reading “Recommended TFT Fates Builds”