The Day Before Announced With 4K Trailer

The Day Before is described by developers Fntastic as an open-world survival MMO. The game pits you, a survivor in a post-pandemic United States, against the harsh elements, the infected, and other players. Players will be trying to survive by looting cities filled skyscrapers for food, water, and an array of vehicles. There are evenContinue reading “The Day Before Announced With 4K Trailer”

Developers of The Division making Star Wars Open-World Game

An announcement that is sending shock waves around the galaxy, Ubisoft announced yesterday that Massive Entertainment – the Swedish studio behind The Division – will be making an open-world game in the Star Wars universe. This news comes off the heels of Disney rebranding their gaming division to LucasFilm Games. The game will use theContinue reading “Developers of The Division making Star Wars Open-World Game”