Most Played Kaldheim Cards!

Papa Chop gives you the best information for the most played Kaldheim Cards ! Make sure to check out Papa Chop on Twitter! Commander and You and all content from The Nerd Chambers visit our website The PAPA CHOP TWITCH – Merch Shop – The Nerd Chambers Twitter – The NerdContinue reading “Most Played Kaldheim Cards!”

TNC All Things Cards: Getting to Know Us

That’s right we have a new show! TNC All Things Cards! This show will revolve around the Trading Card Game world! Your favorite Pokémon Master Adam and Penguin TNC Penguin team up together to help you all know the world of Trading Cards! First episode is to help you get to know the duo, andContinue reading “TNC All Things Cards: Getting to Know Us”

Brandon’s New Addiction – Pokemon Cards

The man with the golden locks is back but he has gone from Yu-Gi-Oh! addict to Pokemon addict in the matter of a couple weeks. His latest pack opening had some seriously spicy pulls. Check out the latest pack opening below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel, and while you’re at it, letContinue reading “Brandon’s New Addiction – Pokemon Cards”