Chivalry 2 Roadmap – New Maps, Modes and More

Since Chivalry 2 dropped I have been having tons of fun with it. The idea of a multiplayer game where you aren’t worried about communication and executing things a certain way, and just worrying about fighting the enemy, is a breath of fresh air. I will admit, the longevity of the game was a concernContinue reading “Chivalry 2 Roadmap – New Maps, Modes and More”

The Sims 5 Multiplayer Rumors

You read the title correct. The long running franchise The Sims is looking like it will be likely getting multiplayer added in it’s next installment. Last year we were given hints by EA CEO Andrew Wilson that The Sims 5 could potentially head in that direction but we have received new hints that make itContinue reading “The Sims 5 Multiplayer Rumors”

Fallout 76 Locked and Loaded Details

This Week in Gaming kicked off with news of the next update for the long running Fallout 76. This update is bringing some big time quality of life changes to that will help give long time players a reason to keep coming back for more. It includes a long requested change with how players respecContinue reading “Fallout 76 Locked and Loaded Details”

Epic Games Acquires Mediatonic

Epic Games has been aggressively growing it’s brand ever since the success it saw with Fortnite. Now their “metaverse” of gaming is expanding further. The company acquired Fall Guys developers Mediatonic in recent weeks. What does that mean for fans of the game? Does Epic Games continue acquiring assets like this and who could theyContinue reading “Epic Games Acquires Mediatonic”

Playstation VR Showcase Recap

On top of the surprise announcement that the PSVR 2 was in production, Playstation followed it up with more news regarding their virtual reality headset. On the Playstation Blog they hosted a day long spotlight showcasing six promising VR games that will be releasing this year. To see what games you have to look forwardContinue reading “Playstation VR Showcase Recap”

Switch Pro Rumors are Back

The Switch Pro has been rumored to be in production from various outlets for over a year. Nintendo stepped into the spotlight and squashed those rumors quickly saying that they had no plans like that. Now in recent weeks we have seen these rumors picking up steam once again. Find out the latest information regardingContinue reading “Switch Pro Rumors are Back”

Anthem 2.0 Cancelled, Dragon Age 4 Shifts Focus

In a recent episode of This Week in Gaming we discussed news surrounding the cancellation of Anthem’s big overhaul that was in the works. There was also a big shift in production for the upcoming Dragon Age 4 game in response to criticism over the handling of Anthem as a whole. Find out everything youContinue reading “Anthem 2.0 Cancelled, Dragon Age 4 Shifts Focus”

Meet Valorant’s Newest Character – Yoru

The next character in Riot’s hit FPS Valorant has been unveiled ahead of the launch of Episode 2. Yoru will be joining the game’s lineup of characters in Episode 2, which starts January 12th. Riot described the infiltrator, stating: “Yoru is an Infiltrating Duelist, using an array of tools to re-position himself, or create fakeouts.Continue reading “Meet Valorant’s Newest Character – Yoru”

The Best Decision Blizzard Has Made for Retail World of Warcraft…

World of Warcraft has been one of the most successful video games over the last decade and a huge thanks to its expansive world. World of Warcraft has cemented the path for all MMOs since 2004, and they are making a change that will hopefully push other games in the same direction. People have hadContinue reading “The Best Decision Blizzard Has Made for Retail World of Warcraft…”

Legends of RuneTerra First Thoughts…

Riot Games has done an incredible job with their property League of Legends. They have kept evolving League of Legends to keep it one of the most relevant games of the last decade. The game has kept the community afloat, but the lore is so enticing. We have also seen Riot Games bring in theirContinue reading “Legends of RuneTerra First Thoughts…”