TNC Penguin’s Spooky Sunday: Pacify

A Penguin plays Pacify! (Sorry for audio quality of my microphone it has been fixed for upcoming streams!) Feel free to recommend a Spooky game for Spooky Sunday! TNC Penguin Twitch –

TWIG 2/22 New World Delay

Big changes were made to This Week in Gaming. Instead of one long winded episode we are breaking down the biggest stories for you and releasing them starting Mondays and everyday following! This means you will be getting the latest news quickly and something to look forward to nearly everyday. The first story we discussContinue reading “TWIG 2/22 New World Delay”

Games To Look Forward to in 2021…

The year 2020 was a very disappointing time for some gamers, thanks to the heartbreaking amount of delays and underperforming games. We will all join together and hope for 2021 to bring us an incredible year for the gaming communities. I will give my predictions for the games I believe I will enjoy the mostContinue reading “Games To Look Forward to in 2021…”

Ruined King – League of Legends RPG Game – Coming 2021

Last year, for League of Legends’ tenth anniversary, Riot announced Riot Forge, their new publishing branch. Along with that, they announced a trove of new games that were in the works including the now released Valorant. Ruined King was announced at last years Game Awards as a turn-based RPG set in the Runeterra universe. OnContinue reading “Ruined King – League of Legends RPG Game – Coming 2021”

Recommended TFT Fates Builds

Teamfight Tactics has been one of my favorite games since it was released June of last year, and I cannot stop playing. Despite getting angry when I can’t get the characters I need for a composition, or I try running an attack damage heavy composition and get nothing but magic items and play poorly –Continue reading “Recommended TFT Fates Builds”