Let’s Talk Fallout 76

As of recently, Bethesda has been making more of an effort to create more content for their game. The first of these updates has already  partially arrived which is “Wild Appalachia”. The second update to come will be known as “Nuclear Winter”. Throughout this article I’m going to touch on what’s to come of the “Wild Appalachia” update as well as some of my personal opinions about the update as well.

Let’s begin with the first portion of the “Wild Appalachia” update which has recently come out. Though it is a bit odd that the update is coming out in segments, it wasn’t unexpected since Bethesda had announced that the new content will be released over the next several weeks. The first bit of this update brought a new crafting system to the game called “Brewing”, and after looking a little bit into the brewing system, there isn’t much to it. You can craft some wimes, spirits, and beers. The thing that honestly disappoints me is that there doesn’t seem to be much of a reason to do this. In previous fallout games alcohol would affect yours S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats such as increasing strength and charisma while decreasing your intelligence. By what I have seen so far there is no stat changes from consuming alcohol in the game, but it will provide hydration. In all honesty, the community could have done without this portion of the update.

The next portion of this update will begin March 19th and you will be able to participate in the “Fasnacht” parade. There isn’t too much known about this portion of the update except that it will be a limited time event that will reward players with unique items. Following that will be a “Survival” PvP experience coming out March 26th. Bethesda mentioned this as a new gamemode which leads me to wonder how this will be implemented. There will be fewer restrictions and increased rewards while participating in this PvP gamemode. Further into this update comes player vending, a new series of quests, as well as a new item on April 9th. Player vending will consist of players building a vending machine on their C.A.M.P. and puts their own gear into it to be sold to other players who access it. The new item that will be coming out is a physical camera that you can carry around and take photos with. The quest series just mentions that you will uncover the “encryptid” secrets of Appalachia. The next portion of the update arrives May 7th which seems to be a new faction of sorts. Bethesda states that there will be new stories where you can earn merits, climb ranks, and create a new item, the backpack for increased on-player storage. The final section of this update will be the legendary vendor which will be released on May 23rd. This new vendor will allow you to trade in your legendary gear that you no longer want for new legendary gear.

After all of that information, I want to dive more into how I feel about these upcoming updates. I feel like the “Fasnacht” parade is a good idea since it will provide players with limited time items. I assume that these items will only be cosmetic, but because they will only be able to be acquired during this limited time event, that means they will have some sense of rarity which when player vending comes out it may be a good source of caps for those who were able to take advantage of the event while others could not. The PvP mode holds my interest, but there really isn’t enough information for me to truly care about it. It has potential to be quite fun pending what the rewards are and how it is played. Player vending is an intriguing addition to the game that could be beneficial. I personally can’t think of anything I would truly want to buy from another player besides blueprints because the weapons and armor in the game are all fairly common to find anyways. The new camera item seems even more useless than brewing. There is already a photo system within the game why do we need a physical camera to also take photos. The thing I am most excited for is the new series of quests that will be arriving to the game. The game has been bone dry for so long with nothing to do after the main quest line. This will finally gives players a reason to pick the game back up. My excitement also lies in the new faction portion of the update. Bethesda doesn’t actually claim that it is a faction, but with them claiming that you can earn merits and climb the ranks, the idea of a faction comes to mind. Finally there is the legendary vendor which sounds cool, but what actually matters is how that system will work. Bethesda claims you can trade in your legendary items for other legendary items and that the higher star rating the one you trade in, you will increase the chance of getting the “item of your dreams”. This sounds to me like it will be randomized loot from the vendor. For example, maybe you will trade in a two star pipe pistol and the vendor will possibly give you a two or three star weapon or armor piece. I personally want it to be random loot from trading in your old legendaries so that not every player is running the best legendaries in the game. If that is not how the system works and you get to choose which legendary you receive then I hope that that will be a currency system for it. A form of this could be that if you trade in a one star item then you will receive 10 legendary scrap. The vendor may potentially sell a three star legendary item for 150 scrap. That is how I would like the system to work if the players are going to be allowed to choose their own loot.


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