Medieval Dynasty Update Breakdown

It has been a few days now since Toplitz Productions released the first major update for their hit sandbox survival game, Medieval Dynasty. This update brought tons of great additions to the options and some new crafting options to brighten things up. Today I’ll be breaking down the changes and giving my thoughts as to how they help the game long term.

First things we will go over are the additions to the game. There were several sounds added to the game. Some people may not see this as a substantial change, but for a game that is looking to create an immersive survival experience, these are great additions to do just that.

Sounds Added

  • New Sounds of filling the bucket with water
  • New Sounds of pouring water from the bucket
  • New Clay digging sounds for the Shovel
  • New Milking sounds
  • New Scythe sounds
  • New grain grinding sounds for Quern

After that we saw got some changes and additions to crafting and schematics.


  • New furniture – two Stools, Bench, and Table
  • New items to illuminate the village – Standing Torch and Lantern
  • New bag options that will help improve your carrying capacity – backpacks and pouches
  • Technology schemes descriptions now have item statistics and/or resources required to craft
  • Various wicker and wooden decorative items for crafting

Then there were some various changes to village management and villager behavior.

Village Managment

  • New village Management Notifications on HUD
  • Inhabitants provide Fur in Hunting Lodge
  • Removing NPCs from the house via the building details menu or the NPC details menu
  • The player’s NPCs can patrol the village at night

The two biggest changes we received with this update was the addition of events and the game customization options. Think of events as dynamic quests that have varying results based on your decisions. The example given by Toplitz is that there is a pack of twenty wolves surround the village. The way to solve this problem is entirely up to you. Do you warn the your villagers of the attack? Do you set out alone to take care of the problem, or find another way? The answer is entirely up to you and the way you want to lead your village. I’m thrilled with the way Events were implemented because it keeps the sandbox nature of the game intact while providing more content in the game world.

My favorite part of the update has to be the game customization options being added to the game. When the update dropped on October 28th, I decided to create a new playthrough and I was thrilled to see the host of customization options available to players. Feel like the normal three day seasons are too short? Well now you can make season lengths anywhere from 3 to 30(!) days. Want to just enjoy the village building and management without having to worry about the survival aspects of the game? Just turn on unlimited food and water so you can do that.

That is the big theme of this first major update to Medieval Dynasty: this game is meant to give you total control over what happens in your playthrough. All of these additions are just taking that player freedom even further and providing even more unique experiences for players which just makes it that much easier to spend more time in Medieval Dynasty.


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