New Year, New Show! Welcome to Critical Scoop

As promised on Twitter yesterday, we are planning on bringing more content to you guys than ever before. The first step in that process is to add the fourth show to The Nerd Chambers network of shows, Critical Scoop. In an ongoing partnership with our friends at Vivid Esports, the founder of Vivid Michael “Zookuzero” Golden and TNC’s own Brandon “Penguin” Maj team up to bring you the latest news and updates for the industries biggest esports games. This show sets out to inform teams competing about the latest updates with the games they can compete in so that they can be stay on top of potential shifts in the meta, dedicated gamers trying stay one step ahead of the competition and take their game to the next level, and those of you that are just dedicated fans that want to stay informed about your favorite games.

Critical Scoop is unlike any of the shows on our lineup currently. It embodies what we try to do with our news stories that we post here and bring you the news in a quick and concise manner. The competitive scene is a fast-paced environment, so we are going to be bringing you the essential news in the same way. Listen to the episode zero of Critical Scoop below to get a glimpse of what you can expect when episode one drops in the near future!


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