Overwatch Competitive Season 3 Ends Today

It is a sad day for many, as the Overwatch competitive season ends at 4pm PST today. For those that would grind for hours to get that SR all the way up to Master ranks or even dreamed of making that top 500 finish, their grind starts over again. I myself started very late this competitive season, and by late I mean started just over a week ago (lul). At least I can say I made it all the way up to Platinum this season and now that I have gotten back into the swing of things, I have big dreams for season 4.

For those that were mired in mediocrity because of lack of teamwork, it is your chance to start anew. Especially with some updates set to be coming out soon (including that recon mode update for Bastion that many are dreading) it gives people a chance to jump on a shift in meta. What is unfortunate is that for the next week, there will be no competitive games to be played and we will all be forced to troll in quick play until Season 4 starts on the 28th.

I will definitely be messing around with some new heroes to use in the next week until the new season. I have already been working on Zenyatta, Roadhog and Genji to add to my repertoire for the new season. Anyways, we here at The Nerd Chambers cannot wait to get back to the grind of competitive play when the new season hits and we hope you guys join us!

Let us know what you are looking forward to in Season 4, and how Season 3 went for you guys! Tweet us @TheNerdChambers


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